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The Poet

Suction toy for clitoral pleasure


Designed as a kiss from nature, The Poet is a clitorally inclusive suction vibrator. Sold with 3 interchangeable mouth of different sizes and fitted with touch sensors on the sides, it enables you to create the most personalized oral pleasure experience. From a titillating pulse to climactic throbbing, take yourself on an ecstatic journey.


Advanced Air Pulsation Technology for Clitoral Stimulation

The Poet feautres a suction technology that pulsates more air than the leading products in the category. It has been optimized to create deep and resonant pulses, delivering a passionate sucking movement on your clitoris for body-shaking orgasms. Silent during use, the technology is encapsulated in a rose bud shape that has been crafted in velvety soft silicone for the smoothest touch on the body.


Enabling Personalized Pleasure

With The Poet, create the best sucktion experience for YOU. This unique suction clit vibrator has been designed with squeeze sensors on the sides allowing you to adjust the intensity of the air pulsation to your preference by pressing on them. You can even lock the intensity at your preferred setting and enjoy the ride. For more pleasure options you can also explore its 5 pulsatoin patterns. The Poet's round shape provides a comfortable grip in the hand and gives your freedom to direct the product as you please. 


Celebrating All Clitorises

When it comes to a clitoral suction toy, there is no such htings as one-size-fits- all. Clitorises vary in anatomy and sensitivity. That's why The Poet comes with 3 interchangeable mouths of different sizes and designs, so that you can find what feels best for YOU. Their round edges create the softest seal around the cliroal glans for an immersive experience. 

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