Heretic W-Bergamusk


Delicate yet animalistic, Bergamusk pairs uplifting Bergamot with the white musk of Ambrettolide for a clean, alluring scent that energizes. Natural ingredients plus safe synthetics. Also available as a rollerball.


TOP: Bergamot, Lavender, Lime, Thyme, Verbena

HEART: Jasmine, Cedar

BASE: Ambrettolide, Musk, Sandalwood


No phthalates • No parabens • No synthetic dyes • No formaldehyde • Vegan-friendly • Cruelty-free


Bergamusk is formulated with our proprietary blend of naturally derived ingredients and safe synthetics. The result is a clean, exquisitely crafted perfume that is still Vegan-friendly and non-toxic, but not 100% naturally derived like the rest of the Heretic collection.


A scent of many facets, as delicate as it is animalistic, as curious as it is classic. Bergamusk pairs two power scents—uplifting Bergamot, picked fresh from the gardens of Calabria, and the alluring White Musk of the aphrodisiac Ambrettolide. Heart chords of Jasmine and Cedar pique the curiosity while calming Sandalwood grounds it with a touch of bohemian intrigue. It’s like a lethal flirt and a casual heartbreaker. Soft, sweet, layered with complexities. A fragrance of true modern romance.


Heretic fragrances are gender-neutral and made for everyone.


APPLICATION: Due to the inclusion of plant-based natural ingredients, Heretic clean scents wear light and sheer. To increase staying power, you’ll want to apply the fragrance periodically throughout the day.


LAYERING: We also encourage you to layer two to three Heretic fragrances not only to increase the overall intensity but to help you create your next signature scent. Choose heavy and lighter blends to layer together, spraying or dabbing the stronger scent first. View the “Layer With” section above for our perfumer’s recommendations.


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